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For over 40 years, Rich’s Tree Service has provided professional and high-quality tree care to Sophia, NC, and surrounding cities. The tree experts at our family-owned business are highly trained to provide a variety of tree services you won’t find anywhere else. Proper care is essential to the overall health of a tree. Even if it doesn't look like your tree needs removed completely or has dead limbs, it’s important to have deadwood removed from your tree. This is common and can be caused by a number of factors, including storms. By having us remove deadwood, you’re allowing sunlight to shine on the tree, which is essential to the its growing process and keeps you safe from damaged limbs.

When you reach out to our professionals, we guarantee to provide you with the best tree service in the area. Whether you need storm damage trimming or a complete tree removal, our experts will carefully examine the best way to do the job. Our other tree services include, removal, trimming, topping and felling. We take on various jobs, including residential, commercial and industrial. If you think your tree may need trimmed, removed, or other services, call our experts at Rich’s Tree Service and we will schedule your appointment today.




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