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If you live in Sophia, NC, odds are you’ve heard of Rich’s Tree Service. For over 40 years, we have provided professional and high-quality tree services to the area. When you call our experts, we will send out our highly trained staff fully equipped and ready to take on any job. No matter how minor your project might seem, our industry has dangerous work involved. Done improperly, this could result in a fallen limb that can cause damage or injury to yourself and your home. Protect yourself by choosing us as your tree service. It is our responsibility to be fully insured and to make sure our jobs are completed accurately and safely.

When it comes to trees, we know what we’re doing. As a family-owned business, we have the lifelong experience to provide you with the unlimited number of services you need, including tree removal, storm damage trimming and more. Our customers are our priority and we work hard until you’re satisfied with the job. When you notice that the tree in your backyard isn’t looking so well these days, call in the experts at Rich’s Tree Service in Randolph County, NC. We will be happy to schedule your next appointment or consultation today.

Family Owned

As a second-generation owned tree service, we have a reputation for providing professional quality tree service for more than 40 years. With our experienced and well-trained staff, we get any job done to meet our customers’ needs.

As a professional tree service, it is our duty to protect ourselves and our clients. We are fully insured as a precaution against any accidents.
Because we are a privately-owned business, we can set our prices to what we believe is reasonable for you. Whether you’re removing or trimming a tree, you will be priced fairly.